Why connectingthings?

Works across all devices

We focus on protocol, connectingthings is totally agnostic cloud platform compatible to any hardware or coding languages

We believe that internet of things should be accessible for anyone, and we help you to make it easy through our platform

You'll have multiple dashboard, and customize it easily as you ever dreamed with just a couple of clicks

You can add cameras compatible with Foscam everything in using the same application

From prototype to production

Just focus on your device, create your prototype we support you during the development with the most open protocols HTTP or MQTT, and the most customizable UI you can create your dashboard as you always dreamed!

We are expert in software and hardware solution we can help you during you journey as a partners or consultants, contact us, we would more than happy to help you

What are people saying about ConnectingThings?

How it works?

The IOT platform for your new project

ConnectingThings is a cloud web platform that allows you the creation of custom dashboards using different visualization widgets representing your devices

You can relate each widget to your device and start receiving information instantly through the different protocols

Imagine yourself controlling digital devices such as led or relays, imagine what can you do with your prototype and how you'll turn it into a product.

Screenshot: Example Main Dashboard

Configure and Play

Our platform is a full responsive web stack build for support your internet connected devices in a very easy and intuitive way. We make complex things easier,

Access from anywhere tablet, phone, computer our solution is crossbrowser compatible, check your sensors, or your camera control your lights, the possibilities are endless!

Our Features

Public Views

(public views)

ConnectingThings allows you the creation of public views from your private dashboard, in other words you can share all panels sections or dashboards that your own as you want

Share with your friend, co-workers or family the state of your sensors, cameras or actuators, share your realtime information with the with just a link, or even in your social networks

Create a IOT profile with your sensors and share it with the world !

MultiProtocol Architecture

How it works

ConnectingThings was specially thaught as an agnostic protocol platform compatible to all electronic devices

We focus to support you during development whatever technology you chosen for you project you can use Arduino, RaspberryPi, BananaPi, Netduino, etc .. using open standard protocols that you can use in any device, the only requirement is to know how to use these open protocols and implement it in your device.

Cameras IP

(Control your Ip camera)

Imagine that you have installed an actuator that turns on and off the light, but how do I know that really happened? how lovely would be nice to add an Ip camera!!

ConnectingThings is the all in one solution check your sensors, control your devices from everywhere!, and see that happening live all in the same platform.


Send notifications from your sensors

One feature that we can not miss is the triggering functionality, you can program that any value from any sensor to trigger a notification currently you can program an email to any adress, but we are working to add more kind of notifications such as,SMS, push notifications etc...

Not only you can program trigger values, you can disable the triggers instead of delete them and use it whenever is necessary , another functionality is for filtering or deactivate notifications for a certain amount of time imaging that if you are sending many notification that triggers constantly it can be kind of annoying, for that we implemented the 'Threshold' functionality in order to avoid that constant triggering.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with ConnectingThings

Beta Sign Up

Sign Up to our Beta Release, and we'll send you an email for your first login!

Start playing with your default dashboard

Each account has a default dashboard with panels, in order to start as fast as possible to send some values

Integrate your device

Download the code examples from GitHub program your device and start receiving realtime status from your sensors!